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Adventure Bound has joined the Mild to Wild Rafting & Jeep Tours family. This combines Mild to Wild's industry leading customer service with Adventure Bound's legendary river trips in order to create an experience that you will remember for a lifetime. It is our goal to enrich your life with an adventure in the outdoors creating a deeper connection with nature, family, and new friends.

One of the most important reasons for choosing Adventure Bound River Expeditions is the wide variety of craft that we offer we are known for our fleet! Many outfitters specialize in just one kind of craft, don't limit your experience.

Paddle your own inflatable kayak!
Whether you enjoy riding in an oar raft, a large pontoon boat, an inflatable kayak, or you want a combination of options, we have the appropriate trip for you. Our huge variety of boats provides choices for the experienced rafter, as well as those new to the sport so that everyone can have a safe and fun river trip.

Adventure Bound provides experienced and professional river rafting guides. The Adventure Bound crew is competent in the specialized skills of river running, knowledgeable in the interpretive aspects of the Colorado Plateau, and are licensed and first-aid certified. Join our team.

Relax while your crew does all the work
Our crew will handle the rafts, pack and unpack gear, and prepare all meals. The meals are hearty, delicious and prepared to satisfy the appetite stimulated by the great outdoors. Menu items include barbecued chicken, pork chops, steak, fish, deli-style lunches and full-menu breakfasts. Dinners are complemented with vegetables, fruits and salads, as well as healthy soups and luscious desserts.

Enjoy riding in an oar raft, a large pontoon boat, an inflatable kayak, or you want a combination of options, we have the appropriate trip for you.

The outdoors are your playground!
Immerse yourself in the rich history, distinctive wildlife and incredible geology of the region. Your time on the river can be spent with the priorities you bring for your vacation: hike a side canyon, challenge the rapids in a "duckie", swim the river, spend quality time with family, see rock art left behind by ancient people, or relax and unwind in our comfortable camps.

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Providing outstanding outdoor adventures on the scenic rivers of Colorado and Utah.

Supporting Small Business

Remember, when you book a trip with Adventure Bound you are supporting a small business. You are supporting families and a local economy. Your support is also sustaining the untouched regions of America and preserving the beautiful rivers that flow through them for future generations to enjoy. We truly appreciate your business!